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"Consult me and I will help you start, run and improve your bussiness. I provide you with the required Talent, Training and Consulting", Adelina Stefan

Advanced Talent, Training, and Consulting is dedicated to accelerate global people’s professional growth!

If you are an expat willing to integrate in your host country, to make a successful career change, or start your own business, please contact me.

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Who am I?

Adelina Stefan

As passionate entrepreneurial spirit advocate of growth, I am committed to helping people improving their performance, driving creativity, innovation and business results. I am a licensed Career Coach, Intercultural Facilitator, and Business Consultant, specialized in the areas of Intercultural Communication, and International Human Resource Management (IHRM).

My purpose is to help global people to integrate successfully into a new culture, so that they communicate with more impact, gain more clarity, purpose and fulfilment, break their own glass ceiling and achieve sustainable career success. My strengths lie in creative problem-solving focussing on innovative ideas and processes that help build cultural intelligence and improve connections across the globe. I focus on the career development, HR practices, cross-cultural awareness, and intercultural communication, mainly within European countries and some other major cultures. My major areas of focus at the moment are: - Career Coaching and Talent Development - Intercultural Training and Facilitation

Being a dual citizen of Greece and Romania, based in Switzerland for the last five years, I also specialize in translations and interpreting, being fluent in English, Greek, Romanian, and German. I hold a Bachelor Degree in English Studies – Linguistics, a Master in Sociolinguistics and Intercultural Communication, and a Master in Business Administration. I love being actively involved in Research, contributing to different research studies in business sustainability. I use mainly virtual training and coaching, while in my communication work in the German part of Switzerland, I include face-to-face training.

“Advanced Talent, Training, and Consulting”

I started my career as a consultant because I felt the need of transferring my hints and experience to those who are in need.


How do I serve you?

I inspire expats to:

Take charge of their career

Gain more confidence in their skills

Develop their talent and pursue their passions

Establish a growth mindset and articulate their professional value proposition

Create and execute a development plan

* * *

My core areas of expertise are:

Career Coaching and HR Consulting

Intercultural Facilitation

Management and Business Consulting

* * *

I am here to:

Help you deal with the cultural transition and navigate on a foreign territory

Inspire you to look for job opportunities that match your talent and skills

Define your story and prepare your professional branding documents, including your professional Social Media Profile.

Help you write and effectively tailor your CV / resume for different roles you apply to Master the interview process

Help you make a career change or transition smoothly from employee to entrepreneur

So that you secure the job you want and do what you love!

* * *

If you are:

an expat trying to integrate and find in your host country

a job seeker who finds the job search overwhelming

a professional trying to make a successful career change

a corporate employee who wants to make the jump to entrepreneur

a student or an academic who plans to move into business

I’m here to support you!

WHY choosing Advanced Talent, Training, and Consulting?

Through the techniques and practices offered during the coaching sessions, I:

help expatriates relocating abroad to adapt, enjoy and succeed in their host culture, overcoming cross-cultural barriers and breaking cultural stereotypes

help global people gain more clarity and fulfilment, setting and achieving own objectives for professional development

help business people to strategize according to cultural intelligence to succeed across cultures and deal with conflict situations at the workplace

develop partnerships with Human Resources, Learning & Development, Global Mobility departments to add intercultural skills and competences as their core competence requirements

help organizations successfully communicate with multicultural teams and global partners and finaly develop global leaders, students and organizations in their cultural intelligence

Take charge of your career!

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Our Skills

My programs include:

CV Strategy including: CV writing / CV review and cover letter tailoring for specific jobs LinkedIn and Keyword Optimization; Personal Branding; Interview Preparation and Simulation; Business Negotiation; Cultural Coaching and Cross-Cultural Awareness Training; Career Development Plan Creation and On-going email support between coaching sessions.

Business Consulting

Coaching, Training and Development

Creativity & Innovation

Quality Control

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Support

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