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Are you an expat or a professional who wants to integrate smoothly into your host country, make a successful career change, or start your own business?

I can help.

Advanced Talent, Training, and Consulting is dedicated to accelerating your professional growth!

“Consult me and I will help you identify your own hidden strengths so that you build and
implement your unique career blueprint, achieving and maintaining a work-life balance.”


Who Am I?

As a passionate advocate of  the entrepreneurial spirit, I am committed to helping people improve their performance. I help you  drive your creativity, innovation and business results.

I am  a Professional Certified Coach, Intercultural Facilitator, and Certified Scrum Master, specialized in the areas of Intercultural Communication, International Human Resource Management (IHRM), and Personal Agility.

A dual citizen of Greece and Romania, based in Switzerland since 2015, I understand the challenges required to build a life in a new country. I bring 10+ years’ experience as a Coach, Trainer & Business Consultant. 

I started my career as Consultant to share my experience with other people facing similar struggles and catalyze potential in individuals.

How Do I Serve You?

I Inspire ambitious professionals to:

Take charge of their career
Develop self-trust and build up confidence
Develop their talent and pursue their passions
Establish a growth mindset
Create and execute a development plan

My Area of Expertise:

Career Coaching and HR Consulting
Intercultural Facilitation
Talent Management and Business Consulting

I Help You to:

Deal with cultural transition and navigate on foreign territory.
Understand & identify opportunities that match your talents and interests.
Define your story & prepare professional branding documents, including your professional Social Media Profile.
Create an effective professional CV.
Master the interview process.
Make a seamless career change.
Transition smoothly from employee to entrepreneur.
Secure the job you want and do what you love.
Achieve more things that really matter to you!

If You Are:

An expat professional trying to establish yourself in your host country.
A job seeker overwhelmed by your job search.
A mid-career professional trying to make a successful career change.
A corporate employee becoming an entrepreneur.
A student or an academic planning to move into business.
I’m here to support you!