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Services I Offer

Coaching Services

I help expats and professionals integrate successfully into their new culture, so that they communicate with more impact, gain more clarity, purpose and fulfilment, and achieve sustainable career success.

I am an expert in creative problem-solving, and in using innovative ideas and processes to build cultural intelligence and improve connections across the globe. My practice includes Career Coaching and Talent Development & Intercultural Training for individuals, as well as developing and  implementing corporate Human Resources practices for improving cross-cultural relations.

I offer primarily virtual training and coaching, however, I also offer face-to-face training in the German region of Switzerland.

Translation and Interpreting Services

I am fluent in English, Greek, Romanian, and German. I hold a Bachelor Degree in English Studies – Linguistics, a Master in Sociolinguistics and Intercultural Communication, and a Master in Business Administration.

Who I Can Help

Individual Clients

My techniques and practices teach you to:

  • Adapt, enjoy and succeed in your host culture
  • Gain clarity and fulfilment in your life and work.
  • Set and achieve your own professional development goals
  • Use cultural intelligence to define strategies that can succeed across cultures
  • Successfully handle workplace conflict

Corporate Clients

I help companies:

  • Build intercultural skills in their Human Resources, Learning & Development, and Global Mobility departments, and across the business
  • Successfully communicate with multicultural teams and global partners
  • I build cultural intelligence in individuals and leaders  
  • Empower your employees to take charge of their careers!

My Programs Include:

  • CV Strategy
    • CV writing & review 
    • How to tailor your cover letter for specific jobs
    • LinkedIn and keyword optimization
  • Personal branding
  • Interview preparation and simulation
  • Business negotiation
  • Cultural coaching and cross-cultural awareness training
  • Career development plan creation
  • On-going email support between coaching sessions